Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)



(updated 9th June 2020)


Statement of Ethics and Corporate Responsibility

As a responsible importer and distributor of personal protective equipment, we have at all times a duty to uphold the highest ethical standards of conduct, to our clients, as a responsible trade body member and to the communities we serve.  We have therefore committed to updating our CSR policy in light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

1. Prioritising Key Workers and Frontline Staff: during the crisis we will prioritise supply of protective equipment when it is required to key workers and frontline staff. 

2. Price Gouging: we will never charge excessive prices or engage in deceptive pricing practices especially for necessary COVID‑19 related products. We are currently experiencing sever supply disruption and manufacturers have raised their prices in response. In addition air cargo rates have increased and a surcharge is applied by airlines of up to 20% to ship cargo as priority. We are working hard to reduce prices across our range.  

3. Claims: all our products are certified for industrial hazards and non-medical use under the EU Regulation 2016/425 and EU Regulation 2020/403 . We will never claim our products prevent, treat or cure COVID‑19.

4. Compliance with laws: We must comply with all applicable laws and other regulatory requirements relating to the sale of COVID‑19 related products, both in the United Kingdom and in the jurisdiction of our customers.

5. Appropriate licensing or permissions: we comply with all applicable licenses and or permissions for the products we sell. We do not currently sell any medical products.

6. Selling regulated products: we do not sell any regulated products. 


CSR Policy dated 9th June 2020